​​​Lieutenant- PM Eric Hill, 39

January 11, 2020 - LODD

Lubbock Fire Department - Lubbock, TX

Lt/PM Hill along with 1 other firefighter and 1 officer from LPD were struck while working on scene of multiple vehicle accidents. Lt/PM Hill was rushed to the hospital, but died as a result of his injuries. The LPD officer died on scene from his injuries.

​​​Firefighter Mark Horwich

January 11, 2020 - LODD

Clover Vol. Fire Department - Spencer, WV

FF Horwich died from injuries he sustained when the truck he was driving left the road while responding to a report of a structure fire. FF Horwich was the owner of "Fire Station Software", a Spencer based records keeping solutions company.

Remember Fallen Brothers

​​​Firefighter John Kevin Cash, 43

January 21, 2020 - LODD

Roswell Fire Department - Alpharetta, GA

FF worked a 24-hour shift on 1/20/20. On the morning of 1/21/20, the oncoming crew had noticed that FF Cash had not yet left. When the crew entered his bunk room to check on him, the crew found him deceased.

2020 LODDs

​​​Firefighter Corbin Rogers, 20

January 31, 2020 - LODD

Spring Lake Fire Department - Spring Lake, NC

FF Rogers died of injuries sustained from a traffic accident he was involved in while returning from a training class he was attending.


Brew City F.O.O.L.S​

Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society

All of the information below was gathered from the organizer of “​Fire Service Line of Duty Deaths” page on Facebook. We will only post minimal information. If you would like to keep up with not only this years LODDs but LODDs of year past, we recommend checking them out on Facebook. They exemplify the true meaning of “Remember Fallen Brothers”.


​​​Firefighter Chuck McCormick, 30

January 5, 2020 - LODD

West Peculiar Fire District - Peculiar, MO

FF McCormick died as a result of battling a house fire. As he entered the structure, he fell through the floor into the basement. The fall critically injured McCormick. After being found and rushed to the hospital, FF McCormick died of his injuries.

​​​Firefighter Roger Delongchamp, 66

January 18, 2020 - LODD

Willow Fire Department - Willow, AK

FF Delongchamp was in a fire truck preparing to depart in response to a fire when he went unresponsive. Life saving interventions were performed for approx. 1-hour but were rendered unsuccessful. 

​​Chief John Bresnan, 59

January 10, 2020 - LODD

Homewood Fire & Rescue - Homewood, AL

When Chief Bresnan did not show up for an 11am meeting, those who was meeting tried to contact him multiple times without success. They went to his office around 1230pm to check on him and was found unresponsive. Despite life saving interventions, he was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

​​Fire Marshal Timothy P. Smith, 56

January 19, 2020 - LODD

Orange County Fire Marshal's Office - Orange, CT

Fire Marshal Smith was returning home after responding to a house fire, when his vehicle left the road and hit a tree. Fire Marshal Smith died at the scene.